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Free N. Ireland Labour Market Information

  • For a concise one page summary go to our Jobs Information site and submit any job name.

  • For very detailed LMI we recommend Careersmart. Just select any job to obtain loads of info including N. Ireland data.

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Work Placements Management System

Streamline your management of school work experience using the advanced features of Cognito Forms.

  • Save loads of valuable time by automating much of the task

  • A centralised, online system accessible to you and students 24/7

  • Paperwork reduced to a minimum

  • Compatible with Education Authority requirements

  • Placement lists can be inspected, sorted and searched instantly.

  • Low cost to set up and maintain

If interested please contact me for more details via THIS FORM.

Virtual Placements Update

Due to the pandemic there has been a huge increase in Virtual Work Experiences. It is quite likely that some employers will offer only virtual placements in the long term future. So schools will probably have to manage a mix of both real and virtual placements.

The Cognito Forms system is ideally suited to manage this scenario. The system can easily be set up to process both conventional and virtual placements. The work experience coordinator can oversee and control all placements from any internet connected computer.

Do you have any questions ? Do you need advice ?

The demands of delivering CEAIG raise many issues and the NI Careers Teachers Facebook Group is a great place to ask for and give advice. It is a free, members only Group with 470+ Northern Ireland members. Whatever the issue, someone in the Group can probably help. The Group includes very regular update posts on the latest careers news and information. It's a vital resource.